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Tigers in College Athletics

Tigers in College Athletics

Woodberry is proud of the many Tigers who continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level. These graduates go on to be leaders in the classroom and on the athletic field at their college or university. We're always proud to celebrate their success on the field, but we're even happier to know they are Tigers who embrace Woodberry's ideals of intellectual thoroughness, moral integrity, and good sportsmanship.
William McAdams ’19, Sewanee: The University of the South
Tank Yaghoubi ’22, College of William & Mary
Charlie Bell ’23, Fordham University
Zach Herzog ’23, University of Rochester
JP Sporleder ’23, Grinnell College

Maxwell Johns '18, Princeton University and Duke University
Charlie Anderson ’19, Rhodes College
Danny McKay ’22, Denison University
Sam Swinson ’22, Greensboro College
Justin Gagnon ’23, Kenyon College

Cross Country
Riley Fletcher ’19, University of Richmond

Khalid Thomas '18, Harvard University
Cameron Hill '18, University of Georgia
Lee Dudley '18, University of Virginia
Warren Scott '18, Southern Methodist University
Kyle Bilodeau ’19, Purdue University
DeQuece Carter ’19, Fordham University
John Harris ’19, Rhodes College
Jax Hill ’19, Middlebury College
Aussie Joseph ’20, Brown University
Rhys Logan ’20, University of Chicago
Graham Godwin ’21, Christopher Newport University
Ben Locklear ’21, Virginia Tech
Jianni Woodson-Brooks ’21, United States Naval Academy
Donovan Baker ’22, West Point Military Academy
Caleb Donelson ’22, Amherst College
Conner Lessane ’22, United States Naval Academy
Asa McManamy ’22, University of Chicago
Jack Thomas ’22, Sewanee: The University of the South
Landon Ellis ’23, University of Richmond
Rodney Lora ’23, University of North Carolina
Armel Mukam ’23, University of Notre Dame

Jack Stein ’19, Rhodes College
Ben Haggin ’21, University of Virginia
Coops Cooper ’22, University of the South
Turner Edwards ’22, Washington & Lee University

Ian Weinber '18, Monmouth University
Bennett Hudson ’19, Kenyon College
Jake Mascotte ’19, Denison University
Luke Blundin ’20, Christopher Newport University
Colin Kovacs ’20, Dickinson College
Hawkins Schnabel ’20, Sewanee: The University of the South
Wyatt Martin ’21, University of Mary Washington
John Meeks ’21, McGill University
Drake Welborne ’21, Lake Forest College
Smith Callaghan ’22, Wagner College
Jay O'Keefe ’22, Washington & Lee University
Bryce Reid ’22, Gettysburg College
Ben Monroe ’22, Dickinson College
Brett Davy '84, University of Virginia

Mountain Biking
JD Diefenbach ’19, Furman University
Andrew Wilkerson ’22, Furman University

Zach Woods ’20, LaFayette College
Tommy Handelsman ’21, Suffolk University

Graham Roberts ’23, Trinity College

Charlie Moore ’19, Washington & Lee University
Kyle Floyd ’20, Boston College
Jack Stelter ’20, Towson University
Ben Lundy ’20, Trinity College
Will Fletcher ’21, College of Holy Cross
Gavin Newcamp ’21, Lehigh University
Sam Stelter ’21, Washington & Lee University

Track (Indoor & Outdoor)
Max Weaver ’19, Washington & Lee University
Mathieu Masse-Pelletier ’20, Université Laval
Malik Holly ’21, Denison University
River Robinson ’21, University of Pennsylvania
Charlie Thompson ’21, Denison University
Robbie Handelsman ’23, University of Pennsylvania
Sebastian Phillips ’23, University of Virginia
Eddy Woltz ’23, University of North Carolina

Simon Taylor '21, Gettysburg College
Steven Ripley ' 84 University of Virgina

If you don't see a Tiger athlete who is competing at the college level, please contact Matt Blundin, our athletic director, at so we can add him to the list.

This portion of the athletic Tigers in College Athletics webpage is a work-in-progress.  If you know of additional information that can be added or if any of the information listed is incorrect, please let us know.

Boyd, Basil - Golf, Sewanee: University of the South
Bruner, Wallace - Football, Sewanee: University of the South
Clay, Calder - Baseball, Washington and Lee 
Davis, D’Angelo - Track and Field, Pomona College
Diaz, Josh - Football, Towson 
Griffin, Keen - Lacrosse, Washington College
Jana, Terrell - Football, University of Virginia
Kirven, John - Football, University of Virginia
Koch, Connor - Football, Texas Christian University 
MacKay, Darius - Football, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Olaniyan, Abiola - Football, University of Connecticut
Sigloh, Chas - Swimming, Denison
Stephenson, Joe - Football, West Point
Stone, Lindell - Football, University of Virginia
Williams, George - Rowing, United States Naval Academy

Brower, Taylor - Lacrosse, Sewanee: University of the South
Cozart, Banks - Lacrosse, Hampden Sydney
Culmer, Felix - Football, Wagner College
Claiborne, Jack - Track and Field, University of Virginia
Davenport, Michael - Track and Field, Virginia Tech
Grady, Ryan - Football, United States Military Academy
Knade, Peter - Golf, University of Maryland
McDonald, Patrick - Baseball, Notre Dame
Mitchell, Justin - Cycling, Georgia Tech
Portugal, Logi - Football, Bryant University
Roderick, Zachary - Football, Campbell
Switzer, Nick - Swimming, University of Virginia
Toston, Roy - Wrestling, Davidson 
Yarborough, Clark - Football, Stanford

Bierman, Nick - Lacrosse, Christopher Newport University
Day, Nolan - Baseball, Catholic University of America
Mendicino, Wylie - Lacrosse, Wingate University
Minor, HT - Football, Columbia University
Neeley, Luke - Basketball, Randolph Macon
Shea, Pat - Lacrosse, University of Richmond
Sherrell, Duke - Football, Rhodes College
Tyler, Graham - Soccer, Denison
Tyrell, Nathaniel - Football, Amherst
Wharton, Talfourd - Lacrosse, Sewanee: University of the South
Zaytoun, Christian - Football, Carleton

Coleman, Lester - Football, University of Virginia
Connell, JP - Lacrosse, High Point University
Ethridge, Hunter - Football, James Madison University 
Fedyck, Todd - Lacrosse, University of Denver
Martini, Greer - Football, Notre Dame
Spilman, Vance - Lacrosse, Furman University

Bozymski, Blake - Football, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Knibbs, William - Golf, Elon
Randolph, Doug - Football, Notre Dame
Switzer, Zach - Swimming, Virginia Tech
Walter, Timothy - Golf, Sewanee: University of the South 

Prosise, CJ - Football, Notre Dame
Pugh, Ben - Lacrosse, University of Richmond
Clark, Rogers - Football, North Carolina State and Campbell

Archer, Charlie - Lacrosse, Jacksonville University
Bennert, Kevin - Cross Country and Track, Duke University
Butler, Josh - Football, Bucknell
Crabb, James - Swimming, Virginia Tech
Galloway, Rob - Tennis, Wofford
Mayer, Solly - Swimming, Sewanee
Monroe, Mark - Lacrosse, Dickinson
Pickett, Jr., Duke - Wrestling, Cornell
Pidgeon, Jack - Swimming, University of Pittsburgh

Abutu, John - Football, Bryant University
Allison, Graeme - Football, Macalester College
Bolen III, John - Golf, Sewanee, University of the South
Bozymski, Evan - Lacrosse, Bucknell
Callahan, Paul - Squash, Colby
Heck, Pete - Golf, Squash, Kenyon
Houston, Tyler - Football, Lacrosse, Seton Hill
Ingold, Zach - Swimming, United States Naval Academy
Kolumber, Chad - Football, Kansas
Kronenfeld, Paul - Baseball, Georgia Tech
Lesko, Ryan - Lacrosse, Sewanee, University of the South
Malm, James - Lacrosse, Johns Hopkins
Mosby, Duke - Football, Wake Forest University
Olaniyan, Aramide - Football, UCLA
Oyalowo, Ade - Football, Brown
Reynolds, Ed - Football, Stanford
Spilman, Rob - Football, Sewanee, University of the South
Truluck, Walker - Swimming, Sewanee, University of the South
Walter, Thomas - Golf, Bucknell
Woods, Nathan - Track, Syracuse University

Boyer, Chase - Football, University of Richmond
Cirenza, Chris - Wrestling, Davidson
Gaskins, KG - Football, University of Richmond
Kyger, Johnny - Golf, Furman
Lewis, Landrus - Football and Basketball, Amherst
Martinez, Danny - Football, Davidson
Sutherland, Will - Football, Davidson

Call, Josh - Football, Virginia Tech
Clark, Chris - Swimming, UNC-Wilmington
Dolan, Franklin - Golf, Wake Forest
Evins, T. Moore - Football, University of North Carolina
Lawson, William - Squash, Denison University
Marshall, Phil - Lacrosse, Gettysburg College
Milam, J. Walton III - Soccer, Hampden-Sydney College
Stephan, George - Baseball, The College of Wooster
Stone, Preston - Football,
Sewanee, University of the South
Williams, Al - Football, University of North Carolina

Dietrich, Hans - Football, Denison University
Genet, Jack - Football, University of Virginia
Lawrence, Jonathan - Cross Country, Campbell University
Marcey, Jake - Football, College of William and Mary
Oyalowo, Femi - Football, Amherst College
Smith, Bucky - Lacrosse, United States Naval Academy
Wood, Dane - Football, Sewanee, University of the South

Barnhardt, Hunter - Cross Country, Presbyterian
Fletcher, Will - Lacrosse, Roanoke
Lengel, Cal - Swimming, University of Kentucky
Mizelle, Brian - Football, Wofford
Moore, John - Golf, U.S. Naval Academy
Morris, Michael - Baseball, Bluefield College
Wilson, Peter - Golf, East Tennessee State

Alexander, Sheldon - Football, William and Mary
Avery, Thomas - Lacrosse, Sewanee, University of the South
Battle, Robby - Lacrosse, United States Naval Academy
Collier, John - Lacrosse, Virginia Military Institute
Hansen, Peter - Squash (captain), Hobart
Hoyt, Alex - Track, Davidson
Juc, Andy - Tennis, Furman
Lewis, Michael - Swimming, Dennison
Monroe, Taylor - Lacrosse, Sewanee, University of the South
Rafield, Grant - Golf, University of Richmond
Sasser, Philip - Swimming, Colorado
Smart, Louis - Lacrosse, Sewanee, University of the South
Som-Pimpong, Kwame - Football and Track, Davidson
Stinson, Eric - Golf, U.S. Naval Academy

Cage, William - Football, Texas Christian University
Chapman, Bowen - Football, University of North Carolina
Dunn, Jimmy - Lacrosse, Washington & Lee
Farless, Elliot - Football, University of North Carolina
Gardiner, Graham - Squash, Hobart
Hammond, Aubrey - Basketball, Vanderbilt
Hancock, Arthur IV - Squash, Vanderbilt
Holderness, Henry - Squash, University of North Carolina
Peery, Harry - Golf, Sewanee, University of the South
Robins, Spotty - Lacrosse, Washington and Lee
Stowers, Frazier - Baseball and Track, Middlebury
Strickler, Will - Golf, University of Florida
Williams, Doug - Basketball, U.S. Military Academy (Team Captain)
Willis, Hunter - Track and Cross Country, University of Richmond
Woodall, Weldon - Baseball, Wake Forest

Bowman, Hugh - Swimming, TCU
Bratton, Bose - Lacrosse, Washington & Lee University
Collins, Chas - Football, Washington & Lee University
Collins, Evan - Golf, Davidson
Gentil, Conner - Wrestling, University of Virginia
Haigh, Philip - Swimming, North Carolina State
Norman, Stewart - Swimming, University of North Carolina
Ramsey, Garrett - Football, University of Virginia
Oyalowo, Akin - Football, Brown University
Young, Brad - Squash, Denison

Battle, Jay - Football, University of Alabama
Brown, Chris - Golf, Penn State
Collier, Will - Lacrosse, Virginia Military Institute
Felgendreher, Matt - Football, Rhodes
Fritsch, Nathan - Basketball, Bentley University
Kennedy, BK - Golf, Wofford
King, Zach - Football, University of Florida
Moore, Preston - Football, Davidson
Papierniak, Brian - Swimming, Sewanee, University of the South
Swann, Stuart - Football, Washington & Lee (Captain)
Thompson, Dan - Lacrosse, Princeton
Watts, Justin - Football, Gettysburg
Williams, David - Football Wofford
Zimmerman, Jack - Football, Mississippi

Allen, Lee - Football, Sewanee, University of the South
Bassett, George - Lacrosse, Brown  University
Chen, Robert - Golf, Brown University
Coley, Cameron - Soccer, NC State
Floyd, LeeVon - Football, Dickinson College
Furst, Taylor - Football, Denison University
Guerrina, Ben - Wrestling, Johns Hopkins
Hargrove, Steven - Football, College of William and Mary
Moss, Jeppy - Tennis, University of Richmond
Norman, Rob - Swimming, Middlebury
Pippitt, Chas - Baseball, NC State
Randol, Zack - Golf, Ohio State
Ross, Jake - Swimming, Swarthmore
Scott, John - Baseball, Vanderbilt University
Smith, Charles - Lacrosse, Ohio State
Summers, Puff - Basketball, Davidson
Thach, John - Lacrosse, Trinity

Anselmi, Don - Swimming, Middlebury
O'Bannon, III, J. - Lacrosse, Gettysburg College
Williams, Neel - Golf, Yale University

Blackwell, Nick - Swimming, Davidson (Team Captain)
Minshall, Werner - Swimming, Kenyon

Carrison, Henry - Swimming, Davidson
Sorrell, Drew - Swimming, University of Florida, Miami

Ciguzus, Eriks - Swimming, University of Riga (Latvian National Team)
Horne, Bobby - Swimming, Brown (Team Captain)
Jackson, Matt - Swimming, Duke
Royer, Kenny - Swimming, Middlebury

Runberg, Trevor - Swimming, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Team Captain)
Turkoglu, Vadim - Swimming, Brown (Turkish National Team)

Ripley, John - Lacrosse, Virginia Military Institute (Team Captain)

Gultekin, Emrah - Swimming, Brown (Turkish Olympic National Team)
Greenberg, Scott - Wrestling, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Winfield III, J. Buckner - Wrestling, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Barber, Bat - Basketball and Lacrosse, Hampden-Sidney
Crowley - Track and Field, Notre Dame
Irwin, David - Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, Washington University
Smith, David - Cross Country, Cornell
Stephenson, Jay - Lacrosse, Denison
Verdery, Chris - Baseball and Football, Millsaps College

Coleman, Marvin - Track and Field, Emory


Linen, Stephen - Lacrosse and Rugby, Williams College

Barber, Jack - Football, Basketball and Lacrosse, Hampden Sydney
Legg, Jonathan - Football, William and Mary
Verdery, Stewart - Baseball, Williams College

Pickett, Sr., Duke - Wrestling and Rugby, Virginia Military Institute

Stillwell, Charley - Lacrosse, Princeton University

Farinholt, Bart - Football, University of Virginia
Tilbury, Jeff - Riflery, Davidson College

Washington, Ray - Football, Bucknell University

Conroy, Pete - Football, Duke University

Berry, George - Football, Washington and Lee
Geddy, Vernon - Lacrosse, University of North Carolina
Herbert, Thomas - Soccer and Lacrosse, VMI
Mark, Chip - Football, University of Virginia
Meredith, Massie - Lacrosse, VMI
Taylor, D. - Football, Georgetown University

Dowd, Jr., Roddey - Lacrosse, University of North Carolina
Fox, Chandler - Soccer, University of Virginia
Monroe, Doug - Soccer, University of North Carolina
Shofner, Stuart - Football, Harvard University

Woltz, Fred - Track, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Lummis, Fred - Tennis, Vanderbilt University (Captain)

Purrington, Roly - Football, Yale

Ray, Flip - Football, University of North Carolina

Board, Jeff - Lacrosse, Duke University
Lassiter, Allen - Tennis, University of North Carolina

Braman, Chip - Golf, Williams College
Claypoole, Stan - Lacrosse, UNC
Cunningham, Ed - Tennis, Williams College
Davis, Haywood - Soccer, UNC
Dent, Rick - Swimming, Sewanee, University of the South
Gee, Kyle - Football, Yale University
Grassi, Temple - Lacrosse, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Holladay, Doug - Soccer, University of Virginia
Kreiger, Larry - Tennis, Randolph Macon
MacCorkle, John - Lacrosse, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Captain)
O'Conor, Ashby - Lacrosse, VMI
Parrot, Tom - Lacrosse, Duke University
Ragsdale, Tom - Lacrosse, UNC
Robbs, Charlie - Track, Georgia Tech
Sitterson, Si - Baseball, University of North Carolina
Young, Hal - Football, Davidson

Bradbury, Charlie - Football, Williams College
Crosland, Luke - Football, Washington & Lee
Foss, Robert - Baseball, Dartmouth
Hearon, Dan - Tennis, Davidson
Perrow, Ed - Football, University of Virginia
Ramsay, Allan - Football, University of North Carolina
Tatum, Jim - Football, University of North Carolina
Wilson, F.L. - Football and Lacrosse, Washington & Lee

Hanes, Redge - Lacrosse, Duke University
Kicklighter, Haven - Football, Georgia Tech, San Diego Chargers
Phelps, Esmond - Tennis, Davidson
Randolph, Bob - Footabll (Captain), VMI
Ward, John - Lacrosse, University of North Carolina

King, William D. - Football, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Shaffer, Charles - Football and Basketball, University of Norch Carolina

Pennington, Neiland - Track, Duke University

O'Bannon, Jr., John - Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track - UNC

Campbell, Leon - Football and Track, Stanford University

Graves, Jimmy - Baseball, Virginia Tech

Plater, David - Track, Williams College

Buxton, John S.W. - Wrestling (captain 2 years) and Footbll, Davidson College

Boardman, Barney - Wrestling, University of North Carolina
Coxe, Tommy - Wrestling, University of North Carolina
Field, Herb - Football and Track, Duke University

Davidson, Dean - Football, Vanderbilt
Green, Duff - Football, Sewanee, University of the South
Longaker, Dail - Wrestling, Princeton
Scott, James - Swimming, University of Virginia (Captain)
Wash, Tom - Soccer, Washington and Lee University
Wilson, Henry - Baseball and Football, Davidson

Buxton, Julian - Football and Wreslty, Princeton
Kirk, Bob - Track and Field, University of North Carolina
Prioleau, Horry - Crew, Princeton
Sellers, Bob - Wrestling, Princeton
Shackelford, Corky - Track and Field, University of Virginia

Boney, Paisley - Baseball, United States Naval Academy
Loving, Buddy - Golf, University of Virginia (Captain)
MacConochie, Ian - Wrestling, University of Virgnia
Stillwell, John - Football and Wrestling, Williams College
Valentine, Henry - Tennis, University of Virginia (Captain)


Gammon, Blair - Football, University of North Carolina
Mohler, Danny - Track, University of Virginia (Captain)
Rixey, Jack - Tennis, University of Virgnia
Symington, MacDuff - Soccer, Yale
Wannamaker, Toppy - Wrestling, Princeton 

Collins, William - Football, Princeton
Glascock, Jack - Baseball, Hampden-Sydney
Jones, Van Dyke - Football, University of Virginia

Greene, Oscar - Wrestling, United States Naval Academy 

Fray, Sam - Track and Football, University of Virginia

Wiltshire, Dick - Basketball, University of Virginia

Christian, Archer - Football, University of Virginia
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