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Parent Giving

Parent Giving at Woodberry

Woodberry Forest School benefits from a longstanding tradition of philanthropy from its alumni, parents, faculty and staff.  During the 2015-2016 school year, 96% of current parents supported the Amici Fund.  

The significant financial support signals a strong belief in and commitment to the school and its mission.  Among parents, the level of participation in giving to the school is especially noteworthy. Those gifts not only strengthen the school for the boys here now, but also demonstrate the faith of parents in all that their son is gaining through his Woodberry experience.
Woodberry's goals around parent giving are two-fold. First, we aim to reach 100% participation from parents in each class. Second, we hope that parents will continue to increase their gift each year their son is here, building up to the Sixth-Form Parents' and Grandparents' Gift in their son's final year.

As the parent of a Woodberry student, you have likely heard about the Amici Fund. Named for the school song (and pronounced "am-uh-sigh"), the Amici Fund is Woodberry's annual fund. Gifts to the Amici Fund help to make the Woodberry experience possible for our students by funding everything from meals in the dining room to athletic gear and transportation, and from guest speakers to dorm activities and weekend trips. Notably, funds are used in the fiscal year in which they are received, so your son and his classmates are the true beneficiaries of an Amici gift.

Parents of third-, fourth-and fifth-form students are encouraged to make a gift to the Amici Fund, and parent volunteers will be in touch to further explain why supporting the Amici Fund is important.

The families of boys in their sixth-form year are asked to support the Class of 2017 Sixth-Form Parents’ and Grandparents’ Gift. The Sixth-Form Form Parents’ and Grandparents’ Gift, a tradition at Woodberry since 2004, funds important building and endowment projects identified by the school’s strategic plan as especially pressing. The gift is intended to honor their son’s final year at Woodberry while creating a lasting legacy for the graduating class. Notably, 100% of parents have supported this effort during the previous four years.

Parent Volunteer Committee Members for each form are instrumental in the school’s efforts to encourage parent giving. The committee members serve as an invaluable link between Woodberry Forest School and fellow parents by communicating the school's needs and goals and educating families on why parent giving is important.  You will likely hear from these volunteers over the course of the school year. We hope those conversations are an opportunity for you to connect with a fellow parent, share stories about your son's experience, and learn about ways to support Woodberry.

The Sixth Form Parents' Committee: 

The VI Form Parents’ and Grandparents’ Gift, a tradition at Woodberry since 2004, has funded important building and endowment projects over the years. The campaign offers senior parents and grandparents the opportunity to make a special gift to the school in honor of their son’s final year at Woodberry while creating a lasting legacy for the graduating class. It is treated differently than Amici Fund giving.


The Sixth Form Parents' Committee includes the following members: 

John and Hope Bryant
Raleigh, NC
Son: Elliott ‘17
Richmond and Rennie McDaniel
Fredericksburg, VA
Sons; Griffin and Richmond ‘17

Sandy and Missy Gullquist
Richmond, VA
Son: Scott ‘17

Kurt and Leslie Koch
Charleston, SC
Son: Connor ‘17

John ’86 and Elizabeth Purrington
Raleigh, NC
Son: Jackson ‘17 

The Fifth Form Parents' Committee includes the followling members: 

Ben ’91 and Sandy Crosland
Dallas, TX
Son:  Cartter ’18

Catesby ’83 and Polly Jones
Gloucester, VA
Son:  Catesby ’18
Charlie ’85 and Rachel Dupree
Garrison, NY
Son:  Gus ’18
John and Catharine Pappas
Charlotte, NC
Son:  Stephen ’18

Gunby ’91 and Claudia Garrard 
Columbus, GA
Son:  Gunby ’18, Brandt ‘20

The Fourth Form Parents' Committee includes the following members:

Carl and Kendall Harler
Louisville, KY
Son: Hank ‘19
John ’82 and Margaret Singleton 
Gloucester, VA
Son: Henry ’19

Bill ’89 and Kristy Thompson 
Charlotte, NC
Son:  Wills ’19

David and Elizabeth Perdue 
Somerset, VA
Sons: Gus ’19, Jack ’17 

Joe ’81 and Diane Thomas 

Alexandria, VA
Son: Will ’19

Chris and Kathy Walmsley 

Charlottesville, VA 
Sons:  Dylan ’19, Gresham ’17


The Third Form Parents' Committee includes the following members:

Holmes and Lisa Bell
Savannah, GA
Son: Gus ‘20

Frank ’88 and Catherine Edwards
Charlotte, NC
Son: Hughes ‘20

Charles and Fionuala Monsted
New Orleans, LA
Son: Hugh ‘20
Howard and Stephanie Bissell
Charlotte, NC
Sons: Ward ’18, Burns ‘20
Cardo ‘90 and Britt Kleberg
San Antonio, TX
Son: Tano ‘20
Christian ’87 and Elizabeth Schnabel
Lexington, KY
Son: Hawkins ‘20 


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