About Woodberry Forest School
Woodberry Forest School is an exceptional boarding school community for motivated boys in grades nine through twelve. We were founded in 1889 on a central Virginia farm originally owned by the family of President James Madison. Today our stunning, 1200-acre campus attracts students from all over the nation and around the world. Our academic and athletic facilities, some classic and others state-of-the-art, rival those at many small colleges. We offer all of the amenities essential in a quality residential community and a location convenient to Charlottesville, Richmond, and Washington, D.C.
Woodberry offers a challenging academic curriculum, including highly competitive sports and fine arts programs and international studies programs in China, Costa Rica, England (Oxford), France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Scotland, Spain, and South Africa. We also offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to engage boys with many interests. Our legendary honor system has been teaching boys how to be honorable men for 125 years.
At Woodberry, we challenge boys to become successful leaders and active contributors to society and prepare them to enter the most selective colleges and universities. As alumni, they become leaders in business, public service, and nonprofit endeavors worldwide as well as enthusiastic supporters of each other and the school. 

When boys leave Woodberry Forest they lead successful careers that are significant and rewarding. As men, they often reflect that during their time at Woodberry a real foundation is laid for later success in life. They comment that the honor system, the commitment to sportsmanship and a caring faculty have influenced them for a lifetime. They recognize the effect the school has had on their lives and want to make certain that future generations of boys have the opportunity to experience the excellence that is Woodberry Forest School. Our financial stability is the result of this support.