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An integral part of Woodberry’s mission is
“to develop its students into leaders, to train its students toward a useful contribution to the democratic society in which they live, and to give them thorough preparation for the best colleges and universities consistent with their individual potentials.”

In many ways, this thorough preparation for college begins the moment you start high school. We want you to be able to fully immerse yourself in the Woodberry experience, and also equip you with the appropriate amount of information and guidance along the way. During the third form year, we meet with you in large groups, by mid-year of the fourth form we will meet in small groups of four to eight students, and in the fifth and sixth form years we will begin a much more individualized approach to your college search.  During the application process we work with students one-on-one to help you complete an application that speaks for you and shows the college admissions committee why you are a great match for their particular college. Keeping in mind that the college search involves deciding which college is the best fit for you and your interests, the college counseling staff helps you make your way through the process that leads to college acceptance.

Our staff, your teachers and advisers, and your parents will try our best to help you maximize your potential and take advantage of the opportunities at Woodberry, but you hold the keys to your own success.  Colleges want to see that you have taken advantage of the academic and extracurricular opportunities available to you.  Admission offices look closely at grades, test scores, and activities, but also the rigor of courses taken, demonstrated love of learning, and the depth and sincerity of your involvement.  At Woodberry, you have a great opportunity to hone your skills in and out of the classroom as a member of an exciting community, and we are here to help you to decide which colleges and universities may help you continue to recognize your individual potentials.

A. Hunter Heffner, Director of College Counseling
Indira K. Cope, Associate Director of College Counseling
Renee Sullivan, Administrative Assistant and Testing Coordinator

Mailing address: 148 Woodberry Forest Station, Woodberry Forest, VA 22989
Fax: 540-661-4150 / Phone: 540-672-6050
Hunt Heffner
Director of College Counseling
(540) 672-6006
University of Richmond - BA
The College of William & Mary - MA

Indira Cope
Associate Director of College Counseling
(540) 672-6007
Oberlin College - BA
Framingham State College - MEd
Middlebury College - MA

Renee Sullivan
Administrative Asst. and Testing Coordinator
(540) 672-6050
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